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Vision Therapy

Our clinic is proud to offer Vision Therapy Services to patients of all ages. Vision therapy focuses on training the eye muscles and parts of the brain for better eye alignment and accommodating ability for comfortable binocular vision. Vision therapy is recommended for those with visual complaints that are not correctable with glasses, contact lenses or surgery.

Because this kind of physical eye therapy targets the visual system as a whole, including the eyes and brain, it is also recommended for a wide range of individuals, which include:

  • Children with developmental delay
  • Children who are doing poorly in school/academia
  • Individuals with head trauma or whiplash
  • Individuals experiencing computer vision syndrome
  • Individuals in professional sports
  • Individuals with double vision or binocular vision problems

The patient will undergo an initial thorough binocular vision workup, followed by beginner take-home exercises, which will progressively become challenging as the therapy continues. We also co-manage patients with their respective optometrists so we will correspond with them throughout the course of vision therapy.

We hope to see you at our clinic soon!

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